Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Buyers Guide

Cookware is one of the most important purchases you will make for the kitchen. The right cookware and some preparation can go a long way to preventing culinary disasters while out in the backcountry. Even a lightweight backpacking purist will tell you that man cannot live on freeze dried foods alone. There are lot of options when looking at cookwares. One wrong choice of cookware can lead to several disaster.

The choice of cooking utensils should be appropriate for efficient and easy cooking. Different cookwares are made of different materials and have different uses. Depending on the need and use of the cookware a buyer should take into account the right cookware. A perfect cookware is an essential requirement for easy and safe cooking.

There are certain tips that a buyer should take into consideration while buying a cookware :
1.When buying a cookware consider how often you will use the equipment and what type of food will be cooked.
2.Also take into account the number of persons you ll be cooking food for. An appropriate size is also essential while buying a cookware.
3.Choose sturdy utensils of decent quality.
4.Look for medium or heavy weight pans.
5.Firstly buy the essential cookwares like vegetable peeler, spatula, wooden spoons, etc.
6.Thin steel coated with a kiln baked enamel finish looks good. It is easy to clean and hard to scratch.
7.Aluminum cookwares are very light and conducts heat very well, making cooking quiet efficient.
8.Certain acidic foods might react with an uncoated aluminum surface.
9.Stainless steel cookware is extremely durable and cleans quickly. The down side is its inability to conduct heat evenly, leading to scorched food.
10.Cookware with a black outer finish is easy to use and cheap too.
11.A large coffee can used for boiling of water.
12.If baking, frying or using a pot for oven, raise the pot off of the heat source.
13.Lids are a must with cookwares. A pot with a lid will cook food faster and boil water in a short time. Lids also help keep soot out of food from the heat source.
14.Make sure wooden utensils are sanded smooth and have nothing that could splinter off into the food.
15.Check for solid attachments in utensils such as whisks and tongs that are put together from several pieces.
16.Choose only wooden or rubber coated utensils for use with non stick cookwares.
17.A set made of polished aluminum or stainless steel will cost significantly less than a set made from anodized aluminum or copper.
18.Cast iron, an excellent conductor of heat, is the choice of many cooks for its durability and performance.
19.Copper is the choice of the most discerning cooks. It conducts heat better than any of the other types of cookware. Copper is attractive but requires periodic cleaning and polishing to maintain its beautiful appearance.
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Bong Pen said...

Cool and tasty blog i must say!Although the buyers guide is pretty technical for a cook-rookie like me but must say you are doing a good job.

Here's a request: could plz put across sum easy to cook(for Kitchen-Stupids like me) bengali delicacies on ur blog! A probashi-bachelor-bong like me would really appreciate that! :)